a new chapter

Miracles do happen. And when it happens, do embrace with an open arm.

All that I know is, miracle happened! And today I soaked myself in celebrative mood.

And I thanked you, higher being. I have no complaint whatsoever.


pony ride

I love animals but never really get near to a pony before.

Celeste has never really show her love for animals until last Christmas, where she had her first pony ride. And it was at the Capella; it organizes activities for kids to free parents from babysitting for the next hour or so.

We were a bit apprehensive as we did not know how was Celeste going to react when she rides a pony. Is she going to freak out? It turned out that she grabbed the very first opportunity and quickly mounted herself on the back of the pony. And she started to gallop away, with the assistance of a trainer.

It was her first ride and she enjoyed herself immensely. And I bet it is not going to be her last.

because of angelina, i have to know brise

Ever since Angelina, the ballerina cartoon made it’s appearance in playhouse disney channel, Celeste has been “showing off” the so-called ballerina poses in front of us.

She would exclaimed, ” look daddy, I can do ballet”. We have to constantly remind her to be cautious especially when she attempts to do “aerial” jumps. She has been pestering us to take her up the upper floor before the start of her mandarin class, as she enjoys watching little girls donning cute tutus.

And Celeste’s had her dream materilized recently when we enrolled her for ballet class. Not because we saw a glimpse of potential in her but we reckon it would be good for her to be more “active” outdoor; she loves to stay at home and not doing anything.

As parents, we do need to do “revision” with Celeste as to monitor her execution of what-the-heck-is-going-on poses, like a brise jump.

Why? Why is ballet such a technical form of dance?

By the way, Angelina is actually a mouse who loves ballet.


I do not know if Celeste has a knack or a hidden talent in drawing but whenever she draws or using PC to express her artistic thoughts, I never cease to be amazed.

Once her class teacher told us that during one of the computer lesson, Celeste attempted to draw a fairy; a complicated piece as compared to other simpler ones by other kids.

We had just came back from brunch and she started to draw again, using “paint” and all of us are gobsmacked. Though not a masterpiece, but still we are stunned.

Here’s what’s she drew;

she improves by leaps and bounds

Celeste has been attending mandarin classes, not to brush up on her Mandarin but she doesn’t speak a single word of Mandarin prior.

Now, after countless of classes and hair pulling “tien sie” (spelling) exercises, her class “graduated”  today and parents were invited to watch 30 minutes worth of activities by the kids; singing and group reading.

Teacher Lee gave a simple explanation (in Mandarin, of course) of what’s went into the classes and what parents should be doing to keep the momentum going, at home. I kept nodding not because I understood what she said but merely to act like one.

One consolation from Teacher Lee who acknowledges that Celeste command of Mandarin improves; by leaps and bounds 🙂

nie hao (how are you?)

Celeste and her course mates and Teacher Lee

strike a pose

Kids grow up pretty fast and before you know it they will stare at you when you call them baby in front of their friends. Or they frown upon you wanting to hold their little hands when crossing the road or even roll their eyes when you blow them flying kisses from afar.

Now, whenever Celeste is being asked to try on new dresses, she would voluntarily offer opinions as to which dress is better or which suits her just right. And without fail, Celeste will strike a few “mandatory” poses in the dresses and Carment says it reminds her of Cryst 🙂

Now strike a pose 

strike a pose

we get to sit on a special chair

Well that’s what Celeste told us- that birthday boys and girls get to sit on a “special” chair in school and I guess all kids would love to warm that chair on their special day.

Celeste just celebrated her birthday and she INSISTED that we go to the school and show our face in front of her school friends. I guess all kids want to feel proud in front of friends, telling all that who is their daddy and mommy.

Cake ordered with streamers and all, not forgetting party packs for all kids in the class. Not forgetting all teachers too.

I was extremely glad I wasn’t working on that day and able to make friend with 2 of Celeste class mates 🙂

When the birthday cake was revealed, there were rounds of oohhs and ahhhs and even boys loved the cake, though its a “12 dancing princess” themed cake.

We all love you Celeste. And Happy birthday

THE cake


Celeste and the "special" chair