fish head bee hoon (yee tou mai fun)

I used to go to Jalan Ikan Emas, Cheras (kam yue chuen) for a fix of a steaming bowl of fish head bee hoon, whenever I craved for it.

The shop which is located along a row of shops, near some flats  reputed to be quite famous and you can choose to have  either fish paste or the traditional deep fried fish cutlets to go along with the bee hoon. And you get to choose to have the normal thin bee hoon strands or the thick type of bee hoon.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of bee hoon, but strangely bee hoon is the only noodle suitable for fish head bee hoon and I simply love this fish. Maybe that’s why it is call fish head bee hoon, eh?

What else to do if you have certain food craving? Why, but to make it your own 🙂

Basically, it takes a good stock to make a good bowl of fish head bee hoon and of course, you can’t fail with chinese cooking wine and a good dash of evaporated milk (then again, you can opt out the milk if you so wish)

I quess I can be proud of my fish head bee hoon and for now, my tummy is happy and contended, albeit the expanding waist line.

fish head bee hoon



Nope, I am not talking about love and kisses but XO sauce. (or is it hugs and kisses?)

I have been wanting to get a bottle of XO sauce by a popular brand as condiment but I think that it’s a tad too pricey for a small bottle. So I started to entertain the idea of making my own concoction of XO sauce.

So two days ago, myself and sis in law, Siew decided to stock up essential ingredients at FairPrice and had breakfast at my regular hangout stall.

To make XO sauce, one would need to have patience as you need to keep stirring the ingredients over low heat for almost an hour. I have decided to make it a non spicy XO sauce as no one can actually take it hot.

The main ingredient for XO sauce is, of course dried scallops which you need to steam until soft before you need to floss it by hand.

As I mentioned, if you want X and O, you need patience.

Siew and her breakfast

XO sauce..full of xoxo

my first time..really

Let me be brutally honest here. There’s no words to describe my first time when I did it.

Or rather when I cooked these new dishes for the past days :p

The first dish I decided to give it a go (cooked once but turned out a disaster) was, chinese mustard leaf with sourish broth..(shuen choy) or do we call it “chop suey”?

I saw fresh mustard leaf on sale at NTUC Fair Price and it was a last minute decision. This time, it tasted much better than the first time and it’s not bitter tasting anymore (hint: to parboil the mustard leaf prior )

Second dish I was particularly proud, was taiwanese style braised minced pork (rou chou). Carment said the taste is almost like the real mc coy. Not bad for my first time.

Yesterday morning, I decided to make porridege as Carment wasn’t in the pink of health.  Carment said since I don’t eat porridge, I wouldn’t know how to cook porridege.

Anyway, I decided to go ahead to cook plain porridge with dried scallops and pork ribs. Quite flavourful, remarked Carment. And quite goey as well.

There you go..these were my firsts.

sourish mustard leaf

taiwanese braised minced pork

scallop porridge fredo avec champignon

Yesterday, Ney had craving for pasta with cream sauce and she suggested spaghetti “alfredo”. No problem for darling, as she loves to eat pasta, especially with mushrooms.

I know, traditionally there’s no mushrooms for alfredo, but hey if it’s good enough to eat, why not?

For alfredo sauce, its fairly easy to assemble the ingredients. You just need the followings:

20g of butter

200ml of cream

4-5 tablespoons of cheddar cheese (shaved)

Told you its easy. Just bring the ingredients to boiling point before you toss in cooked spaghetti. Tuck in.

the essentials

the essentials









comfort food

comfort food


Scones..for life

Scones and a pot of tea, anyone?

Scones and a pot of tea, anyone?

I used to bake scones and ney loved it to bits. I guess homemade bakery stuff, taste better than those commercial ones..simply they were baked with love..

Remember, I am no professional baker, not even a novice baker at that. Just a boy who used to bake. Try it if you dare.

Important hint: Scones, like muffins do not like too much of handwork. Meaning, do not knead, play, whip or whatever with the batter/ dough for too long.

A light hand is in order..if not you will get stone-like texture like what happened to my mom’s. Dad said mom’s muffin can dent the wall until of course, I showed mom my baking mettle. She was impressed at the end of the day and I won dad’s approval.


Self-raising flour – 210g

Butter (cubed) – 50g

1 packet of raisins (black or otherwise works fine)

Mixture of 1 egg + milk (3/4 of a cup)

2 tablespoons of sugar

pinch of salt


Sieve flour with sugar and salt 

Then rub butter cubes into the flour. Should be crumbly

Put in the raisins

Slowly pour in egg+milk mixture. If can, use a fork to slowly work the dough.

Dough should be of uneven texture when done (dont over-work the dough)

Shape scones with cookie cutter. Egg wash for better sheen

Bake in oven (level 6) for approximately 30minutes

Serve hot with butter or strawberry jam .

Homemade strawberry jam: Roughly pulverize sweet strawberries with green apple. 

Spaghetti carbonara

Pasta, i would consider one of my favourite comfort food. Lots of outlets serve spaghetti carbonara laden with cream, with little cheese toppings.

There are 2 school of thoughts with regards to how it should be done. On one end, it mentioned that no cream should be use, and on the other end, cream does no harm. I, go for the latter..that is with cream.

Receipe below, or rather the portion is good for 2 person. Cooking time take no more than 20 minutes. Here goes;


100 g of smoked bacon

spaghetti (rule of thumb- clump a strand of spaghetti with a diameter of 50cents is good for 1 portion)

2 egg yolks

2 cloves of garlic

30ml to 50ml of cooking cream..depending how dry of wet you want the pasta to be.

4 tablespoons of shaved romano cheese (can substitute with cheddar)

pinch of salt or to taste.


On a bowl, mix well the egg yolks, cream, cheese and salt. Refer below picture

This is how it should look like

This is how it should look like

Next, heat a non stick pan. With a little olive oil, saute the roughly chopped smoked bacon. Takes about 3min to 4min (depending on how well done you want the bacon to be)

In goes, the minced garlic. Do not brown the garlic or it will taste bitter. Mix well with the bacon.

Pour in the cooked bacan and garlic mixture into the carbonara sauce. Toss well

Boil lots of water, enough to cover the spaghetti. Put in lots of salt and olive oil.

Once boiling, put in the spaghetti and cook to instructions. Cooked pasta should be “al dente” (firm to the bite)

Once spaghetti is cooked, immediately toss into the carbonara sauce and mix well. Make sure the spaghetti is mix well and well coated with all the sauce and bacon bits.


Yummy spaghetti carbonara

Yummy spaghetti carbonara