What’s brewing?

Ten brewing points of Ah Boy

a) I am a “goat” and I eat anything with legs (except tables and chairs)

b) I am aiming for a muscular body but never able to find time for protein shakes. And my body do not seem to co-operate.

c) I read books which make me smarter

d) I am a cautious and reckless driver at the same time

e) I am hopeless with directions

f) Hated and embraced hotel industry

g) I aspire for financial freedom and help starving children

h) Give me crude coffee and I will be jumping with excitement like a boy

i) I love soya bean drink and I cook. I bake too

j) I put on weight easily


6 thoughts on “What’s brewing?

    • Hi George, thanks for dropping by. I am not into F&B actually…just love to discover new eateries..anyway do dropby again..cheers

  1. Charles, my parents called me “girl” too. haha… for years I was known as “girl, come, come”. We have similar dreams, I think. I would love to take up a pastry and baking course in Italy, but too expensive la. Nice to meet you! How do I follow you and repay you in comments?

    • Mila, thanks for visiting! Always a pleasure to have someone new to drop by. I am sure you will realize your dream someday.

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