it takes a bowl of curry mee

I have to admit I am darn homesick since I left “Tanah Melayu” a year ago.

Not that I miss the escalating crime rate in KL or the current Bollywood influence political scene but its “unhealthy” food. And I am talking about food like charcoal-black and lard laden hokkien noodle to the fish head bi hoon at Jalan Ikan Emas, and not forgetting Jalan Imbi’s bak kut teh.

Recently I came across a cafe at Tampines area and it is called “old Malaya” and what looked promising on the wall menu was its “KL curry” mee. Wasting no time, I ordered a bowl and I paired it with “Ipoh” white coffee.

The curry mee, kinda soothed my yearning heart with it’s generous amount of spices and cholesterol laden “santan”. The white coffee failed miserably though and there’s not even the slightest hint of “Ipoh” at all.

I have never thought that a bowl of curry mee could cured me of home sickness but it did.

Curry mee cured me


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