it’s contagious

I have never really understand what’s the big fuss about it, until I got one in my palm and started to navigate and played the free downloaded games. Many hours of playing, I have to admit without shame.

Yeah, it’s the Iphone 4 I am talking about. I am not those really into latest gadgets; give me a Nokia phone and I will be smiling away. Or so I thought.

Now, ever since I first played “angry birds” where I have to catapult angry birds to destroy those proud-faced pigs, I am hooked, forever. I find myself, now frequently sneaked Carment’s Iphone into the bedroom and I will be catapulting angry birds with all seriousness!

Wait..mommy is still playing..

Now is my turn, Celeste said to mommy


4 thoughts on “it’s contagious

  1. Haha I remembered both Carment and I used to say we’re indeed very satisfied with phone with simple basic function, but now we’re both hooked with iPhone! Ivan lovessss angry bird too and he always sneaked into the WC with my phone 😦 faster download whatsapp!!

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