penang, the city with “best street food”?

Just read online where Time Magazine recently crowned Penang as the city with “the best street food in Asia” and it got me thinking.

No doubt, my growing up years in Ipoh exposed me to endless yummy street food which I took it for granted. Only when friends or strangers commented “this and that” tasted so yummy, that I began to take note of. Just like the “fau foo fah” at Funny mountain, Ipoh, is the silkiest I have ever tasted, so far. Just google “funny mountain” and I can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Coming back to the title as the city with “best street food”.  No doubt I do miss the “greasy and pork crackle laden char kway teow, garnish with chinese sausage and “kou choy” but I have grown to accept those offered in Singapore. Though it’s slightly sweet but that’s how it is done in Singapore.

Yeah, there’s ongoing debate as to who started “bak kut teh” but my take is, this is how it is done in Singapore and that is how it is done in Malaysia. I guess there is no right or wrong in cooking; as long as it tastes good, why not?

Then again, I don’t think I will ever can stomach dry noodle done with ketchup as the main sauce. To me, ketchup is not a sauce. Just my personal opinion though.

p/s I love the “kway chap” on my first try and will have my fix occasionally 🙂


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