honey, it’s me

Yeah, honey it’s me. That’s the latest iphone application developed in Korea, to combat loneliness for single men.

I do not know what to feel when I read this in the newspaper a few days back. In fact, I recall I didn’t feel anything. I remembered being stumped for words. 

Maybe I did let out a faint giggle.

From what I gathered, once the lonely men download the application, the virtual girlfriend “Mina” will be making video calls at intervals, to the users, asking from “are you still sleeping?” to “good nite, sweet dream”. Naturally, most liked being called upon by “Mina” and felt wanted, instantly.

According to news, almost 80,000 downloads were done during it’s initial free phase but once the service provider starts to charge for the download, the figures dwindled drastically! And the charge was a mere USD1.99!

Yeah, honey it’s me


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