i will always remember you, Wendy


Yes,  that unmistakeable red haired girl with freckles. That oh-so-smooth frosty. And not to mention the square shaped burgers.

Recently, we decided to have breakfast at Wendy’s at the newly opened outlet at Tampines  mall and we didn’t see it coming. Slow service, that is.

I accompanied Celeste while Shin and Carment were tasked to get the breakfast. It took a good 30 minutes or so before we can actually see food on the table. The person who took the order could not comprehend what was being ordered.

I can see staff moving around fast. And that’s all. Moving around fast but making no progress to get food ready. And the worst part is, you can see some of the staff in the background were chatting away, could not give a hoot as to what was happening at the front.

That’s the painful part. Waiting.

Now the funny part.

A woman came exactly at 11am and she was bluntly told that breakfast menu served until 11am only. She mumbled that the waiting was long and did her best impression of a sour plum and stormed off!

Now, the irritating part.

We decided to get frosties (that’s the main intention,though) and I volunteered to get the orders. I queued up patiently and in front of me, were 3 girls chatting happily away. Obviously they are good friends, from the giggling and pushing, I can figure that much.

When it came to their turn, instead of going together to order food from 1 station, the 3 of them ordered separately. Meaning, they  hogged 2 other counters, so to speak. I can’t fanthom but I deduced it to them not willing to pay for other meals..but hey, can’t one of you pay first and then split the cost?

Well, that’s life.

Maybe they are not friends at all.


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