because of angelina, i have to know brise

Ever since Angelina, the ballerina cartoon made it’s appearance in playhouse disney channel, Celeste has been “showing off” the so-called ballerina poses in front of us.

She would exclaimed, ” look daddy, I can do ballet”. We have to constantly remind her to be cautious especially when she attempts to do “aerial” jumps. She has been pestering us to take her up the upper floor before the start of her mandarin class, as she enjoys watching little girls donning cute tutus.

And Celeste’s had her dream materilized recently when we enrolled her for ballet class. Not because we saw a glimpse of potential in her but we reckon it would be good for her to be more “active” outdoor; she loves to stay at home and not doing anything.

As parents, we do need to do “revision” with Celeste as to monitor her execution of what-the-heck-is-going-on poses, like a brise jump.

Why? Why is ballet such a technical form of dance?

By the way, Angelina is actually a mouse who loves ballet.


One thought on “because of angelina, i have to know brise

  1. personally i wished that my parents had sent me for ballet or gymnastics when i was younger… so that today i would’ve been a better dancer with good posture and flexibility

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