utterly delicious at udders

A friend of mine,  Ann told me to try the “mou san wang” (durian species) at Udders and according to her, it’s good.

I have not been able to find the appropriate time to try it until 2 weeks ago when I wasn’t working and had a strong craving for durian ice cream.

Together with Celeste in tow, I ordered 2 scoops of “mou san wang” for each of us, and it was a really a big scoop..even for adults like me.

I asked Celeste how did she like her ice-cream and she nodded approvingly at me. No words were neeeded at all.

The ice cream was smooth and flavourful. And most importantly, it tasted fresh and you know that they use the best ingredients. What’s interesting is, Udders offers flavours in liqueur, like lychee martini, Bailey’s n bourbon and what have you.

Ann, thanks for recommending. It’s yummilicious!!


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