how do you spent your sundays?

Most people associate Sundays with a day to shut off.  A day to while away the day in a leisurely manner or just being plain lazy. 

Most will  drive downtown and hit shopping complexes to catch up with friends over brunch or dinner or even to bitch. Some merely wanting to just people watch, admiring clothes strangers wear or even to criticize the choice of shoes worn.

Some prefers to stay at home, doing nothing but to wander aimlessly with no specific agenda in mind or to play a game or two or even to surf the net, for the sake of surfing.

No matter what you do on Sundays or any days for the matter, as long as it makes you happy and jolly, do it by all means.

So, how do you spent your Sundays?

Playing tumbling tower with Celeste


Some catching up with latest news


Some updating FB status


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