because of angelina, i have to know brise

Ever since Angelina, the ballerina cartoon made it’s appearance in playhouse disney channel, Celeste has been “showing off” the so-called ballerina poses in front of us.

She would exclaimed, ” look daddy, I can do ballet”. We have to constantly remind her to be cautious especially when she attempts to do “aerial” jumps. She has been pestering us to take her up the upper floor before the start of her mandarin class, as she enjoys watching little girls donning cute tutus.

And Celeste’s had her dream materilized recently when we enrolled her for ballet class. Not because we saw a glimpse of potential in her but we reckon it would be good for her to be more “active” outdoor; she loves to stay at home and not doing anything.

As parents, we do need to do “revision” with Celeste as to monitor her execution of what-the-heck-is-going-on poses, like a brise jump.

Why? Why is ballet such a technical form of dance?

By the way, Angelina is actually a mouse who loves ballet.


last day at school and I get it well done..

Children in general, love today. And parents in general, loathe  today. That’s right, today is the last day for active schooling and what better way to usher in the long holidays than to binge.

Since we have vouchers for meals at Jack’s place (courtesy of Shin, thanks) , it didn’t not take long for us to decide to go for steak.

As for Celeste, it’s her current comfort food; pasta. It would be perfect for her if Jack’s place serves spaghetti carbonara but they only have bolognaise, under kiddies menu. For Celeste, spaghetti bolognaise is better than none at all!

I had my first Jack’s place steak in the early 90’s and as far as I can recall, it tasted much better then. Then again, since this meal is covered by vouchers, I guess I can’t complain much. Just wished my steak was done the was I wanted it to be; medium instead of well done. ( it was served on a sizzling hot plate, meaning the steak was still cooking on the hot plate)  

Well, that’s life. Sometimes you get it medium and often, rare. And once a while, well done. Most importantly, since you have your pie, might as well you eat it too.

utterly delicious at udders

A friend of mine,  Ann told me to try the “mou san wang” (durian species) at Udders and according to her, it’s good.

I have not been able to find the appropriate time to try it until 2 weeks ago when I wasn’t working and had a strong craving for durian ice cream.

Together with Celeste in tow, I ordered 2 scoops of “mou san wang” for each of us, and it was a really a big scoop..even for adults like me.

I asked Celeste how did she like her ice-cream and she nodded approvingly at me. No words were neeeded at all.

The ice cream was smooth and flavourful. And most importantly, it tasted fresh and you know that they use the best ingredients. What’s interesting is, Udders offers flavours in liqueur, like lychee martini, Bailey’s n bourbon and what have you.

Ann, thanks for recommending. It’s yummilicious!!

how do you spent your sundays?

Most people associate Sundays with a day to shut off.  A day to while away the day in a leisurely manner or just being plain lazy. 

Most will  drive downtown and hit shopping complexes to catch up with friends over brunch or dinner or even to bitch. Some merely wanting to just people watch, admiring clothes strangers wear or even to criticize the choice of shoes worn.

Some prefers to stay at home, doing nothing but to wander aimlessly with no specific agenda in mind or to play a game or two or even to surf the net, for the sake of surfing.

No matter what you do on Sundays or any days for the matter, as long as it makes you happy and jolly, do it by all means.

So, how do you spent your Sundays?

Playing tumbling tower with Celeste


Some catching up with latest news


Some updating FB status


I do not know if Celeste has a knack or a hidden talent in drawing but whenever she draws or using PC to express her artistic thoughts, I never cease to be amazed.

Once her class teacher told us that during one of the computer lesson, Celeste attempted to draw a fairy; a complicated piece as compared to other simpler ones by other kids.

We had just came back from brunch and she started to draw again, using “paint” and all of us are gobsmacked. Though not a masterpiece, but still we are stunned.

Here’s what’s she drew;

she improves by leaps and bounds

Celeste has been attending mandarin classes, not to brush up on her Mandarin but she doesn’t speak a single word of Mandarin prior.

Now, after countless of classes and hair pulling “tien sie” (spelling) exercises, her class “graduated”  today and parents were invited to watch 30 minutes worth of activities by the kids; singing and group reading.

Teacher Lee gave a simple explanation (in Mandarin, of course) of what’s went into the classes and what parents should be doing to keep the momentum going, at home. I kept nodding not because I understood what she said but merely to act like one.

One consolation from Teacher Lee who acknowledges that Celeste command of Mandarin improves; by leaps and bounds 🙂

nie hao (how are you?)

Celeste and her course mates and Teacher Lee