is round..a shape?

My childhood hero was Bruce Lee and still is. And it’s not hard to see why.

He fought well and I loved his physique: lean mean fighthing machine. And that was how I got myself started to carry weights and of course, much later in my working life, I worked in a fitness centre and I was a “lean mean” Ah Boy..well that’s what my parents told me. I was in my best physical shape ever (lost almost 15 kgs)

And now, I gained all those lost kilos and did  one step better. I topped the 15 kgs!

But I realised something. When I was a lean mean Ah Boy, I was stressed out. And now despite being overweight, I am happy. Much happier, in fact.

I did not want to write this post but soldiered on with an aim. To motivate myself to get back in shape. Though round is indeed a shape..but for health reason, I have no choice.

No more excuses. No blah blah blah. No cheap talks. Going to rev up my metabolism soon.

And hopefully I will look like my bodybuilding hero…

Dorian "shadow" Yates


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