lip trainer

I have never thought I would snore and I used to get agitated whenever someone snores and deprive me of proper rest.

Yes. I snore and pretty good at it.

And yes, I grind my teeth. On top of snoring.

Meaning I snore as well as I grind my teeth when I sleep. Of late, it has gotten pretty bad until Celeste will at times, used her leg to nudge me out of my slumberland or even “accidentally” throw her small bolster at me, to sent me subtle warning. Hands were placed on my jaw before, but that did not stop me from grinding away.

Nose strip and throat spray are of no use. Tried that. Done that.

As we were at Liang court recently, I made up my mind to get myself a “lip” trainer from one of those small stall near the entrance. Basically, liptrainer is a small gadget where one has to place in his mouth (like braces) and start exercising your lip muscle, and hopefully it will stop my snoring and teeth grinding once and for all.

I have been using this for 2 days and apparently my snoring kinda reduced somewhat. Snoring supposed to stop or reduced significantly after 2 weeks of usage or more.

And the side effect? Besides being able to stop being a nuisance, I was told by the Japanese sales uncle that one will actually able to reduce double chin and your cheek will be more prominent 🙂

The damage? SGD89.90, of which I think it’s money well invested.

lip trainer


5 thoughts on “lip trainer

  1. hi! so have you continued using the lip trainer? i’m thinking of getting it for my husband as i can’t take the snoring any longer! XD

    • Hi Claire..thanks for dropping by…I dont snore as much since I used the lip trainer…I guess one has to be discipline enough to remember using it every day. Good luck with it 🙂

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