curry mee, at last

I don’t usually yearn for curry mee though I love curry mee, especially done the Ipoh way – with long beans, tau foo pok, cockles and most importantly of all, chopped pieces of “wat kai” (smooth chicken)

But as we were having dinner at Old town, United Square, I decided to have curry mee as I had a sudden craving. Craving for a good bowl of curry mee, sinfully rich with coconut milk and the ever so familiar smell of rempah rempah (spices).

The last time I had curry mee were, too at Old town but in Kuala Lumpur and I remembered I was quite disappointed with the watered down version. It was as if, they could not be bothered with quality control and only had the bottom line in their mind.

This time, I was surprised that the soup packed a punch, so robust with the right amount of spices and the quantity of noodles, were ahem..much more in Singapore’s Old town. Darn, even it’s “Ipoh kway teow” soup was better than those serve in KL; in Singapore, you get 3 whole prawns but in KL, they slice the prawns in I said, all they concern about is..just profit.  Sigh.


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