Floored by lor mee

I know I have said before that my lunch for the day depends largely by the length of human queue; or rather the lack of it. For me, no queue means you get to eat your food faster since no waiting time involve.

I have been eyeing this “lor mee” stall and based on feedbacks from colleagues, I should give it a try. I have been shunning this “lor mee” stall for the past months as I don’t like the fact that this “lor mee” aunty uses slivers of fish meat unlike those lor mee in KL which uses prawns.

I gave it a try recently (there wasn’t a queue at the point of time) and I was told by the aunty to sit and wait for my lor mee.

Lor mee came and I was floored.

It was yummy till the last drop. The gravy was robust, full of flavour and it helps with the addition of vinegar. And a good dollop of cut chillies.

Still, I would still prefer prawns instead of fish meat. I guess you can’t satisfy all.


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