strike a pose

Kids grow up pretty fast and before you know it they will stare at you when you call them baby in front of their friends. Or they frown upon you wanting to hold their little hands when crossing the road or even roll their eyes when you blow them flying kisses from afar.

Now, whenever Celeste is being asked to try on new dresses, she would voluntarily offer opinions as to which dress is better or which suits her just right. And without fail, Celeste will strike a few “mandatory” poses in the dresses and Carment says it reminds her of Cryst 🙂

Now strike a pose 

strike a pose


is round..a shape?

My childhood hero was Bruce Lee and still is. And it’s not hard to see why.

He fought well and I loved his physique: lean mean fighthing machine. And that was how I got myself started to carry weights and of course, much later in my working life, I worked in a fitness centre and I was a “lean mean” Ah Boy..well that’s what my parents told me. I was in my best physical shape ever (lost almost 15 kgs)

And now, I gained all those lost kilos and did  one step better. I topped the 15 kgs!

But I realised something. When I was a lean mean Ah Boy, I was stressed out. And now despite being overweight, I am happy. Much happier, in fact.

I did not want to write this post but soldiered on with an aim. To motivate myself to get back in shape. Though round is indeed a shape..but for health reason, I have no choice.

No more excuses. No blah blah blah. No cheap talks. Going to rev up my metabolism soon.

And hopefully I will look like my bodybuilding hero…

Dorian "shadow" Yates

we get to sit on a special chair

Well that’s what Celeste told us- that birthday boys and girls get to sit on a “special” chair in school and I guess all kids would love to warm that chair on their special day.

Celeste just celebrated her birthday and she INSISTED that we go to the school and show our face in front of her school friends. I guess all kids want to feel proud in front of friends, telling all that who is their daddy and mommy.

Cake ordered with streamers and all, not forgetting party packs for all kids in the class. Not forgetting all teachers too.

I was extremely glad I wasn’t working on that day and able to make friend with 2 of Celeste class mates 🙂

When the birthday cake was revealed, there were rounds of oohhs and ahhhs and even boys loved the cake, though its a “12 dancing princess” themed cake.

We all love you Celeste. And Happy birthday

THE cake


Celeste and the "special" chair

lip trainer

I have never thought I would snore and I used to get agitated whenever someone snores and deprive me of proper rest.

Yes. I snore and pretty good at it.

And yes, I grind my teeth. On top of snoring.

Meaning I snore as well as I grind my teeth when I sleep. Of late, it has gotten pretty bad until Celeste will at times, used her leg to nudge me out of my slumberland or even “accidentally” throw her small bolster at me, to sent me subtle warning. Hands were placed on my jaw before, but that did not stop me from grinding away.

Nose strip and throat spray are of no use. Tried that. Done that.

As we were at Liang court recently, I made up my mind to get myself a “lip” trainer from one of those small stall near the entrance. Basically, liptrainer is a small gadget where one has to place in his mouth (like braces) and start exercising your lip muscle, and hopefully it will stop my snoring and teeth grinding once and for all.

I have been using this for 2 days and apparently my snoring kinda reduced somewhat. Snoring supposed to stop or reduced significantly after 2 weeks of usage or more.

And the side effect? Besides being able to stop being a nuisance, I was told by the Japanese sales uncle that one will actually able to reduce double chin and your cheek will be more prominent 🙂

The damage? SGD89.90, of which I think it’s money well invested.

lip trainer

does she has a knack for drawing?

I maybe bias but I do appreciate Celeste’s demeanor whenever we are out for eating. Before the arrival of our orders, she would be asking for a blank piece of paper and a pen and she would be happily drawing away, leaving us tending to our own whims and fancies.

She does not bother the adults, only when she finishes her drawing would she be asking our opinions of her drawing. The subject of the drawing very much depends on her inspirations at the very moment.

I might be bias but I do find her drawing quite impressive; ever so often complete as if it can tell an amazing story. Yeah..I must be bias but I guess Celeste has a knack for drawing, just like the one below.

i like the animals..

curry mee, at last

I don’t usually yearn for curry mee though I love curry mee, especially done the Ipoh way – with long beans, tau foo pok, cockles and most importantly of all, chopped pieces of “wat kai” (smooth chicken)

But as we were having dinner at Old town, United Square, I decided to have curry mee as I had a sudden craving. Craving for a good bowl of curry mee, sinfully rich with coconut milk and the ever so familiar smell of rempah rempah (spices).

The last time I had curry mee were, too at Old town but in Kuala Lumpur and I remembered I was quite disappointed with the watered down version. It was as if, they could not be bothered with quality control and only had the bottom line in their mind.

This time, I was surprised that the soup packed a punch, so robust with the right amount of spices and the quantity of noodles, were ahem..much more in Singapore’s Old town. Darn, even it’s “Ipoh kway teow” soup was better than those serve in KL; in Singapore, you get 3 whole prawns but in KL, they slice the prawns in I said, all they concern about is..just profit.  Sigh.

Floored by lor mee

I know I have said before that my lunch for the day depends largely by the length of human queue; or rather the lack of it. For me, no queue means you get to eat your food faster since no waiting time involve.

I have been eyeing this “lor mee” stall and based on feedbacks from colleagues, I should give it a try. I have been shunning this “lor mee” stall for the past months as I don’t like the fact that this “lor mee” aunty uses slivers of fish meat unlike those lor mee in KL which uses prawns.

I gave it a try recently (there wasn’t a queue at the point of time) and I was told by the aunty to sit and wait for my lor mee.

Lor mee came and I was floored.

It was yummy till the last drop. The gravy was robust, full of flavour and it helps with the addition of vinegar. And a good dollop of cut chillies.

Still, I would still prefer prawns instead of fish meat. I guess you can’t satisfy all.