you never know it until it hits you

After having eaten hawker food for lunch for almost 2 months in Singapore, I realize I miss my Ipoh’s food.

In fact, I miss them pretty bad.

My colleague who sits next to me, a young man in his 20s shared a secret with me recently. He said despite having been living in Singapore for the past 2 years, he still misses food from his hometown, Kuching.

I nodded agreeingly.

I do not miss the lifestyle in Ipoh that much but I miss the food which all this while, sadly, I took it for granted. I am not a picky eater but at times, I do yearn for certain comfort food;  food like silky smooth hor fun (kway teow) or even the humble but fat and juicy (darn juicy) Ipoh’s taugeh (bean sprout)

Darn, as I write this, I am just so hungry. Maybe I should plan a  Ipoh makan-cursion one day 🙂

p/s awesome pictures below are from “motormouth from ipoh” blog.

kai see hor fun (kway teow with silky smooth chicken)

one and only Ipoh's taugeh


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