XL and it fits me just right

When at home, I am never the one who would care the least bit of what I am wearing. I would wear a bright orange tee shirt and be happy about it, as long as the cutting of the tee does not cut into armpits’ way.

Maybe because of constant non-verbal protest, indirectly saying that I dress sloppily, I decided to get something more trendy and safe from Uniqlo (where else?)

I was at Tampines mall and decided to look around at Uniqlo and bought myself 3 white night tees (XL) and 2 boxer shorts. The damage?

ONLY SGD24.80 and I couldn’t be happier :). I asked Siew (sis in law) how do I look with my new “image” and she laughed out loud. That wiped the smile off my face 😦

p/s though the tee shirts are of XL size, it fit me just right. SHIT!

p/ss I got to know Uniqlo is opening up in KL sometimes in November. Finally!


2 thoughts on “XL and it fits me just right

    • Sis, yeah..dunno why but I am excited too..it’s really cool and I know you’re gonna love the designs..even a senior citizen like me love Uniqlo..:p

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