how to drive safe while abroad

As usual, before I clock in for work , I would be spending time in the toilet taking a dump with newspaper on hand, to keep myself occupy. And today I came across a rather interesting article, giving relevant pointers for Singaporeans should they opt to drive while abroad.

As for driving in Australia, one has to “give way to public buses as well as being alert when approaching a railway crossing. One also has to slow down when driving on “unsealed roads” – dirt roads not covered with tar as fast driving will kick up dust that can block one’s view of other vehicles”

However, should one decides to drive in Malaysia, do take note of the following pointers;

“Firstly, one has to watch out for zooming motorcyclists, buses and trucks.”

“Do not stop if a passing motorist tells you that something is wrong with your vehicle”

“Keep all doors and windows locked even when stopping briefly at a traffic light. Keep valuables out of sight to avoid tempting would-be robbers”.

“Do not stop for flashing white lights; police lights are red and blue”.

“Check your surroundings before you leave or enter your car- someone may be waiting to pounce on you”.

Right after reading, I asked myself is it that alarming in Malaysia?

I guess one has to use lots of common sense when driving in Malaysia. And a little pray does not hurt either .


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