when elmo grows up

Last Sunday Celeste and myself met up with Elmo and his gang from Sesame street at Singapore indoor stadium. I asked Celeste whether she remembers Elmo and her eyes brightened up as she recalls having given Elmo a set of new teeth (where she cuts out pieces of paper and stuck them into Elmo’s mouth.

Anyway, armed with a camera on one hand and popcorn on the other, we braved ourself to our seats and literally transported back to Sesame street.

In a gist, the show is about what do you want to be when you grow up and I guess most of us, like Elmo wants to be everything and anything. I had wanted to be a gynaecologist once but ended up being a hotelier.

It was a pretty entertaining show with familiar characters like Bert and Ernie and not forgetting the Big Bird.

Were we entertained? You bet as it’s nice to be a kiddo once again and let your hair down.

p/s Thanks Shin 🙂

Elmo and gang


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