awfully chocolate

I used to receive heaps of praise for my homemade dark chocolate cake, which unshamefully I used those ready-mix cake batter. What was homemade then, was the chocolate ganache which I melt chocolate bars with butter, which was then poured over the cooled down cake.

Few days ago, we were at Vivo city and decided to have some chocolate indulgence while waiting for my mother in law sorting out her shopping spree.

We stopped at “Awfully chocolate” cake shop which reportedly started off with only 1 type of cake ; chocolate cake (the owners decided to bake their own chocolate cake after being disappointed with quality of chocolate cakes locally). Because of budget constraint, they didn’t even have a cake counter! But then again, with only one type of  chocolate cake on sale, it would look odd with all those cakes displayed, looking all brown in the display.

We ordered a slice of the original  all chocolate cake (with layers of chocolate fudge) and a scoop of chocolate ice-cream and braced ourself. And the verdict?

It was one of the most moist chocolate cake I have ever tasted, and it was awfully..sinful chocolate indulgence. I can’t think of a better word to describe the cake except it’s heavenly.

Even orgasmic.

p/s besides the original all chocolate cake, they now offer banana chocolate cake and cherry and rum chocolate cake

awfully chocolate's entrance


the culprit; chocolate cake


6 thoughts on “awfully chocolate

  1. I loved chocolate cake also. I used to pass by this shop during lunch time, next time i should try it since there’s good comments from you.

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