I have always fond of playing chess in my younger days and admitedly, I was a sore loser.

I had always wanted to win and whenever I made a stupid move which caused me the game, I would lost my temper 🙂

Recently, I decided to pick up chess again and since Celeste was besides me, I decided to teach her the basic of chess protocols. You know, explaining what power does a pawn has to the absolute power of the Queen and how to guard the King.

Naturally, Celeste’s favourite was the Queen and sadly she does not have the patience to learn the “sun tzu” like war strategies, in order to checkmate the rival.

As she gave up the game, she exclaimed to me, “daddy, this chess gives me headache”.

I guess she was checkmate-d :p

p/ I was uploading her picture, I asked her whether she wants to give the game another try..she just say..”’s not fun at all” :)..Ahhh..maybe some other time, I would be able to made her a convert.


One thought on “checkmate

  1. harlow

    may i know how old is celeste??? she looks young. I have one nephew that dun like to play chess but likes to run around… -_-!!!!!!! even worst
    I start to learn how to play my very first chess when I was 9 years old. You know after the final exam in november, we never ever bring a single book to school but my bag is full of bottle cap and so on and even the donkey cards. The era has changed very fast.There’s no more paper type of chess games. Now even celeste can click from the PC to play. very convenient for her to learn.


    Nic Da Nic

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