crazy hair

Celeste started to go crazy over wigs when she first saw Hi-5 DVD where one of the girls wore a “crazy” hair piece and sang a “crazy” hair song.

She would use all sort and manner of materials she could get her hand on, and asked me to piece it together on her head and she would be happily dancing away with her new hair do.

I guess girls can get away easily wearing a wig and will not be charged for fashion offence unlike for guys. The only reason I can convince myself why would a man wear a wig, is to disguise his bald patches. Sad but true, I am now using “energy” shampoo, which was recommended by a hairstylist to combat my “apparent” hair loss.

Here’s some “crazy” hairs..for you


fish head bee hoon (yee tou mai fun)

I used to go to Jalan Ikan Emas, Cheras (kam yue chuen) for a fix of a steaming bowl of fish head bee hoon, whenever I craved for it.

The shop which is located along a row of shops, near some flats  reputed to be quite famous and you can choose to have  either fish paste or the traditional deep fried fish cutlets to go along with the bee hoon. And you get to choose to have the normal thin bee hoon strands or the thick type of bee hoon.

Honestly, I am not a big fan of bee hoon, but strangely bee hoon is the only noodle suitable for fish head bee hoon and I simply love this fish. Maybe that’s why it is call fish head bee hoon, eh?

What else to do if you have certain food craving? Why, but to make it your own 🙂

Basically, it takes a good stock to make a good bowl of fish head bee hoon and of course, you can’t fail with chinese cooking wine and a good dash of evaporated milk (then again, you can opt out the milk if you so wish)

I quess I can be proud of my fish head bee hoon and for now, my tummy is happy and contended, albeit the expanding waist line.

fish head bee hoon

kway teow and bihun cantonese style

I could not believe that I actually did it. Lately, I have this unsurpress urge to have “yeen yong” aka kway teow/ bihun cantonese style.

Since I can’t get it anywhere in Singapore, what else is there to do but to cook it myself. Not having the industrial type cooker for the much worshipped “wok hei” flavour, it did not damper my enthusiasm at all. In fact, I woke up early and set foot to Fairprice to get the mandatory ingredients for a successful “yin yong”.

How did it turn out?

Everyone was happy and the bowls were clean. Squeaky clean 🙂

Kway teow / bihun cantonese style

you never know it until it hits you

After having eaten hawker food for lunch for almost 2 months in Singapore, I realize I miss my Ipoh’s food.

In fact, I miss them pretty bad.

My colleague who sits next to me, a young man in his 20s shared a secret with me recently. He said despite having been living in Singapore for the past 2 years, he still misses food from his hometown, Kuching.

I nodded agreeingly.

I do not miss the lifestyle in Ipoh that much but I miss the food which all this while, sadly, I took it for granted. I am not a picky eater but at times, I do yearn for certain comfort food;  food like silky smooth hor fun (kway teow) or even the humble but fat and juicy (darn juicy) Ipoh’s taugeh (bean sprout)

Darn, as I write this, I am just so hungry. Maybe I should plan a  Ipoh makan-cursion one day 🙂

p/s awesome pictures below are from “motormouth from ipoh” blog.

kai see hor fun (kway teow with silky smooth chicken)

one and only Ipoh's taugeh

XL and it fits me just right

When at home, I am never the one who would care the least bit of what I am wearing. I would wear a bright orange tee shirt and be happy about it, as long as the cutting of the tee does not cut into armpits’ way.

Maybe because of constant non-verbal protest, indirectly saying that I dress sloppily, I decided to get something more trendy and safe from Uniqlo (where else?)

I was at Tampines mall and decided to look around at Uniqlo and bought myself 3 white night tees (XL) and 2 boxer shorts. The damage?

ONLY SGD24.80 and I couldn’t be happier :). I asked Siew (sis in law) how do I look with my new “image” and she laughed out loud. That wiped the smile off my face 😦

p/s though the tee shirts are of XL size, it fit me just right. SHIT!

p/ss I got to know Uniqlo is opening up in KL sometimes in November. Finally!

how to drive safe while abroad

As usual, before I clock in for work , I would be spending time in the toilet taking a dump with newspaper on hand, to keep myself occupy. And today I came across a rather interesting article, giving relevant pointers for Singaporeans should they opt to drive while abroad.

As for driving in Australia, one has to “give way to public buses as well as being alert when approaching a railway crossing. One also has to slow down when driving on “unsealed roads” – dirt roads not covered with tar as fast driving will kick up dust that can block one’s view of other vehicles”

However, should one decides to drive in Malaysia, do take note of the following pointers;

“Firstly, one has to watch out for zooming motorcyclists, buses and trucks.”

“Do not stop if a passing motorist tells you that something is wrong with your vehicle”

“Keep all doors and windows locked even when stopping briefly at a traffic light. Keep valuables out of sight to avoid tempting would-be robbers”.

“Do not stop for flashing white lights; police lights are red and blue”.

“Check your surroundings before you leave or enter your car- someone may be waiting to pounce on you”.

Right after reading, I asked myself is it that alarming in Malaysia?

I guess one has to use lots of common sense when driving in Malaysia. And a little pray does not hurt either .

when elmo grows up

Last Sunday Celeste and myself met up with Elmo and his gang from Sesame street at Singapore indoor stadium. I asked Celeste whether she remembers Elmo and her eyes brightened up as she recalls having given Elmo a set of new teeth (where she cuts out pieces of paper and stuck them into Elmo’s mouth.

Anyway, armed with a camera on one hand and popcorn on the other, we braved ourself to our seats and literally transported back to Sesame street.

In a gist, the show is about what do you want to be when you grow up and I guess most of us, like Elmo wants to be everything and anything. I had wanted to be a gynaecologist once but ended up being a hotelier.

It was a pretty entertaining show with familiar characters like Bert and Ernie and not forgetting the Big Bird.

Were we entertained? You bet as it’s nice to be a kiddo once again and let your hair down.

p/s Thanks Shin 🙂

Elmo and gang