is that totally or a palermo?

Yeah, that’s right.

Me, Ah Boy a seasoned ex-hotelier who handled full loads of shit for the past 17 years or so and now whenever I come across someone carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag, my mind will start racing, trying to figure out is that a “totally” or a “palermo” ? Or is that a “tivoli”?’s killing me because I just need to know.

Previously in my line of work, I handled questions like, “when can I get a room to check in?’ or even during my stint in a fitness centre, I was asked, “Can I terminate my membership?”

Now, I get asked questions like “What do you  think of Brea MM?” Do you think it is suitable as a birthday present for a mid 30s girl?” Huh?

And more questions like, “do you have it in Amarante?’ which by the way “Amarante” is a colour.

Do I like this job?

Totally! Which by the way, “totally” handbags do come in 3 sizes and they are available in “Monogram canvas” and “Damier Azur” canvas 🙂



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