iconic shapes

I do have to apologize for the longest inactivity and I guess I have valid reason.

You see, of late I got to know some “iconic shapes” of a high end luxurious brand which practically shaped the way women carry their handbags..well, guys as well.

One of the most identifiable iconic shape is the “speedy” bag and yes, I am talking about Louis Vuitton. And yes, my current job is about Louis Vuitton, which is a far cry from my heyday as a hotelier 🙂

I have to admit this. It is really an eye opening experience to know that in the fashion world, we don’t categorize handbags as handbags but as leathergoods? And we don’t call a dress as dress but “ready to wear”?

In the fashion world, there’s only 2 main seasons which is SS (spring summer) and FW (fall winter) and of course, there’s the pre-fall collections (before the FW season) and the pre cruise collections (before the SS season).

Oh yeah, we don’t categorize belts as leathergoods but as accessory and all ready-to-wear and shoes are seasonal items (meaning, they are simply not  permanent items)

Before I forget, I don’t have staff discounts. Sorry :p

speedy in monogram muliticolore


2 thoughts on “iconic shapes

  1. haha very informative!! i loike! 🙂 and i love your last sentence most… lagi-lah informative…
    where r u working, can i go pay u a visit??? 😛

  2. wa haha …me like the last sentence, you should put as P/S …that is the most important thing.
    Why they so Kiam Siap one ???

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