fried fish bee hoon soup

I had been quite adventurous of late, wanting to try Singapore’s local hawker fare whenever I have the opportunity and yesterday, decided to try Singapore’s version of “yee tou myai fun”.

Honestly, if compare a dollar to a dollar, hawker fares in Singapore are quite cheap as compare to those found in KL. For a bowl of fish bee hoon soup, it is just SGD3.50 and no wonder, comes lunch time any neighbourhood food courts will be filled to the brim.

I ordered my bowl of bee hoon soup (in English as usual) and gladly tucked in.

How did it fare?

It is basically bee hoon in milky soup with slices of battered (not fried!) fish, garnished with Japanese seaweed.

It is a healthier choice  no doubt, but I prefer my “yee tou myai fun” to be more on the salty side; meaning with wedges of tomatoes and slivers of salted green mustard (harm choy) and a healthy dose of evaporated milk 🙂 (actually, I finished off the fried fish bee hoon soup with a healthy dose of chilli padi)

p/s By the way, I know my pin yin sucks big time :p



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