wanton noodle

I had a sudden urge for wanton noodle yesterday and it did not take me long to sit down with a plate of wanton noodle, Singapore’s style.

When I placed my order (wanton noodle dry), the towkay asked me whether I wanted it with chilli? Thinking that he referred to the green chilli soaked in vinegar type, I nodded in anticipation.

Wanton noodle came and I paid up (only SGD2.50). I thanked my lucky star as it was not drenched with ketchup. It looked decent enough and I chowed down and I soon realised what the towkay meant by chilli.

The wanton noodle was tossed with chilli sauce (tasted like Lingham’s or even Kg Koh’s chilli sauce) and it was not that bad, taste wise, as I do love spicy food.

But wanton noodle with chilli sauce?

Maybe next time, when I order my wanton noodle, I should say, “Uncle, mai hiam (don’t want spicy?)


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