is that totally or a palermo?

Yeah, that’s right.

Me, Ah Boy a seasoned ex-hotelier who handled full loads of shit for the past 17 years or so and now whenever I come across someone carrying a Louis Vuitton handbag, my mind will start racing, trying to figure out is that a “totally” or a “palermo” ? Or is that a “tivoli”?’s killing me because I just need to know.

Previously in my line of work, I handled questions like, “when can I get a room to check in?’ or even during my stint in a fitness centre, I was asked, “Can I terminate my membership?”

Now, I get asked questions like “What do you  think of Brea MM?” Do you think it is suitable as a birthday present for a mid 30s girl?” Huh?

And more questions like, “do you have it in Amarante?’ which by the way “Amarante” is a colour.

Do I like this job?

Totally! Which by the way, “totally” handbags do come in 3 sizes and they are available in “Monogram canvas” and “Damier Azur” canvas 🙂



YOG and dimple

Celeste played a minor part or rather Celeste and her school  mates played a part in the recent concluded inaugural YOG (Youth Olympic Games).

Students were told to wear a cap and sporty attires and “participated” in some sports. At the end of the day, certificates were given out for participation. Celeste was so excited with her participation that the day before, she asked to go to bed early, so that she is fresh and energetic to do her “job” for YOG.

What about dimple?

Not that it is important but I re-gain my dimple after a long hiatus :p

as usual, Celeste took pleasure in making faces

do we look alike?

Do we look alike?

Or specifically, does Celeste really look like me? 

Of late, there are lots of comments which suggest so and I was told Celeste is a carbon copy of me :). Funnily, somehow I don’t really see the resemblance except for the fact that both of us love our peanuts or nuts of any sort.

Some said both of us walk with the same swagger and mannerism, especially when both of us are wearing 3/4 pants. Anyhow, whether Celeste looks like me or not is not important. What’s important is, she is my Celeste.

nothing is impossible in Malaysia

If you ask me do I miss Kuala Lumpur and I tell you no, I am blatantly lying in broad daylight.

Human beings are weird creature. When you don’t give them what they want, they complain. When you give them what they want and beyond, they complain not enough being done. They want more from you. There you go.

Besides missing Malaysian food, I do miss the sometimes crazy but funny at the same time, situations. Then again, it is these happenings which give soul and character to Kuala Lumpur.

Just like below.

back to the force

My first job is Singapore was back in 1989 and fast forward to slightly more than 20 years, I am once again, contributing to Singapore’s economy. Yeah, I am back to the workforce.

Honestly, it does feel productive  to wake up early in the morning,  get dress up and prepare Celeste for school before I go off to workplace (just a mere 3 minutes away by bus)

I am fortunate to have colleagues who are a bunch of fun people (which by the way, mostly are youngsters) who don’t mind to share their experience with an uncle like me :). Based on age factor alone, I can be categorized as a senior citizen and maybe, just maybe, these youngsters are being polite and kind with me.

me and celeste, waiting for school bus

fried fish bee hoon soup

I had been quite adventurous of late, wanting to try Singapore’s local hawker fare whenever I have the opportunity and yesterday, decided to try Singapore’s version of “yee tou myai fun”.

Honestly, if compare a dollar to a dollar, hawker fares in Singapore are quite cheap as compare to those found in KL. For a bowl of fish bee hoon soup, it is just SGD3.50 and no wonder, comes lunch time any neighbourhood food courts will be filled to the brim.

I ordered my bowl of bee hoon soup (in English as usual) and gladly tucked in.

How did it fare?

It is basically bee hoon in milky soup with slices of battered (not fried!) fish, garnished with Japanese seaweed.

It is a healthier choice  no doubt, but I prefer my “yee tou myai fun” to be more on the salty side; meaning with wedges of tomatoes and slivers of salted green mustard (harm choy) and a healthy dose of evaporated milk 🙂 (actually, I finished off the fried fish bee hoon soup with a healthy dose of chilli padi)

p/s By the way, I know my pin yin sucks big time :p


iconic shapes

I do have to apologize for the longest inactivity and I guess I have valid reason.

You see, of late I got to know some “iconic shapes” of a high end luxurious brand which practically shaped the way women carry their handbags..well, guys as well.

One of the most identifiable iconic shape is the “speedy” bag and yes, I am talking about Louis Vuitton. And yes, my current job is about Louis Vuitton, which is a far cry from my heyday as a hotelier 🙂

I have to admit this. It is really an eye opening experience to know that in the fashion world, we don’t categorize handbags as handbags but as leathergoods? And we don’t call a dress as dress but “ready to wear”?

In the fashion world, there’s only 2 main seasons which is SS (spring summer) and FW (fall winter) and of course, there’s the pre-fall collections (before the FW season) and the pre cruise collections (before the SS season).

Oh yeah, we don’t categorize belts as leathergoods but as accessory and all ready-to-wear and shoes are seasonal items (meaning, they are simply not  permanent items)

Before I forget, I don’t have staff discounts. Sorry :p

speedy in monogram muliticolore