home made sar kort liew (yam bean)

Sar kort liew is a deep fried local delicacy, only to be found primarily in Ipoh.

Besides the usual fare of fish ball, tau foo, lady finger with fish paste or meat ball in a bowl of steaming noodle soup, it is normal to have sar kort liew in your bowl of noodle soup in Ipoh.

I grew up practically eating sar kort liew when I was a little boy and it is quite difficult or even non existent in places out of Ipoh. Basically it is a concoction of yam bean / turnip and fish paste, bind together with bean curd sheet. They are then steamed for 10 minutes prior to deep frying to golden brown.

Since I yearned for this Ipoh delicacy, I decided to make it myself. 

The outcome?

Taste was almost there. Appearance similar to those found in Ipoh. Texture: dissappointing. But overall, I was happy 🙂


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