char goa tiao (char kway teow)

I have not been having  a good plate of char kway teow (fried flat rice noodles) for months and my favourite place to have char kway teow was at Maluri, Cheras.

There was this “tai kor” (big brother) was used to be a triad gang member but had since turned over a new leaf.

His version of char kway keow, is quite similar to those found in Penang. Besides the “wok hei” (charred flavour due to quick stir frying over high heat), there’s slices of chinese sausage and “kao choy”. Unfortunately, he has since stopped plying his trade and his replacement is a young couple. All hopes are gone.

I was at Eunos food court recently and when I saw a “char goa tiao” stall, I wasted no time and ordered a plate. Five minutes later and SGD2 lesser, I have my first plate of “char goa tiao” in Singapore.

How did it fare?

Again I can’t compare as it will not do justice to the uncle.

It was actually not too bad, taste wise. It has a tinge of sweetness as it is quite common in Singapore to use sweet sauce for “frying” and good thing is, it was spicy enough. The only setback was that it was a tad bit wet as I prefer my char kway teow, err dry.

Then again, I wouldn’t mind to patronise the stall again.


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