made in candy

I came across this candy store at United Square shopping complex and decided to have a look. The store is aptly named, Made in Candy 🙂

It is not everyday where you get to see how candies are being produced from scratch and it was quite an experience.

I realised that there were quite a number of people who came into the store and watched the entire process. And most of the spectators were FEMALE.


I think I know.

Those candy guys were eye candy to the ladies.

Mind you, these are good looking young men, with bulging arms (i guess you get to pump your biceps from all those moulding of hardened maltose) and it didn’t hurt a bit, with a few smiles threw in, albeit sweat beads on their foreheads.

I guess ladies like their men know their candies, no?

By the way, I bought a packet of the hand-made candy. Not too bad.

candy young men, hard at work


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