sea salt ice cream

Ice creams come in many forms and flavours. As far as I know, no one can resist a good ice-cream. Not even Ah Boy.

Ice cream can make a crying boy smile. Even softens an angry man. And soothes aching heart.

During my younger days, of course we had the ever popular ais krim potong and my favourite flavour was the kacang merah (red bean). Or even chendol flavour. Perhaps jagung too.

That time, we never had the luxury of those many exotic flavours one can find now. What do we have now?

We have nuts laden flavours, king of the fruit, durian, cheese or soon perhaps, bak kut teh? Just imagine, bak kut teh on a cone :). Or even nasi lemak flavour..

Anyway, I was at Takashimaya and decided to have Hokkaido ice-cream and I chose a scoop of sea salt flavour and another scoop of durian.

Which do I prefer?

Sea salt. Funny, it doesn’t taste odd, in fact it was quite good. I loved sea salt..


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