familiar sights and sounds

Whenever I am back to KL, it is the sight of KLCC which reminds me gently that I am back to familiar soil. 

Back to Kuala Lumpur.

A place which is so familiar which I am so accustomed to; from the incessant honking of cars to black exhaust fumes coughing out from public buses. From cars which don’t stop for you at zebra crossing to the many goodies one can get from pasar malam. From the sights of rubbish strewn all over on the ground (go to Taman Shamelin business area) to Mat Rempits racing along highways, trying their best to make it to the obituary.

I tried once to catch a bus back to Cheras area and I was clueless as to which bus to take. Most of the buses have number plates displayed prominently but no indication of destinations. I had to ask the drivers whether the bus was heading to Cheras.

I have to actually stand in the middle kerb (with the monorail running above me) of the main street of Bukit Bintang area and waited for the bus.

Guess what? I survived the ordeal. This is the heart and soul of Kuala Lumpur which I am familiar with.

And I am not complaining at all.


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