lotus seed paste

The recent trip when I was back to KL, I got to taste “leen chee woo”, loosely translated as lotus seed paste, where the paste consistency is similar to our regular sesame seed paste.

My mom in law bought me this newly developed tong shui from Purple Cane and I am a convert now. The paste looks cloying but surprisingly, it is rather light and not too sweet at all.

Normally it is taken hot but again, surprisingly when taken cold (refrigerated) it is refreshing and the texture is sandy smooth.

lotus seed paste


3 thoughts on “lotus seed paste

  1. harlow ah boy,
    i am nic from nicdannic.blogspot.com
    i’m from ipoh and i searched your blog from google
    nice to meet you

    well, u have a very obedient daughter there. looks cute.
    and about the lotus paste.what u can do with the paste actually?
    just eat? but why the texture looks like very creamy and sticky? unlike tong sui at all..

    • Hi Nic,

      Thanks for dropping by. The paste is thick because I just took it out from the fridge. At room temperature, the consistency is somewhat like black sesame paste.
      By the way, you have an interesting blog 🙂

  2. errr.not interesting lar.I stopped blogging for about a month…not much time to blog.Well shall start to bounce up again..u have an adorable daughter there..
    about the paste err..thanks for sharing

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