damned if you are pretty, damned if you are not..

I came across a rather interesting article about real estate agents in Singapore.

Apparently, a female agent lost  a potential sale when a married man commented in front of the wife that,  she (the agent) is pretty and young. The wife, upon hearing her husband’s compliment,  turned to him and asked to leave, saying she wasn’t interested in the property.

Now, can we fault the wife?

A survey was done and those in the real estate industry confirmed that those “pretty” agents do close more deals as compared to those less “pretty” ones.

Is that fair?

When I was still with fitness industry, whenever a potential customer visits the centre, the Sales Manager would do “pairing”; meaning if the potential customer is a guy, then a “pretty” salesgirl will be assigned to do the slaughter.

If it was a couple (and the wife is pretty) then a less attractive salesgirl will be assigned to do the job, so as to make the wife feel “proud” and chances of closing a deal,  is much higher. I am sure you get my drift.

If you were to look through newspaper in Singapore, you get to see all agents who advertise their services, do so with their best ever mugshot of themselves.

A man even remarked that he prefers to engage an “attractive” agent to sell off his properties as the chances of a sale is much higher 🙂

Again, sex sells.


2 thoughts on “damned if you are pretty, damned if you are not..

  1. ahh this is interesting! i’ve never thought about this before.. never knew that they do “pairing” in the market.. thanks for sharing.. 🙂 i’ve learnt something new today!

    • Hi Wen,
      Yeah, they do “pairing” as well as doing their best to find out buyer’s hot buttons before going for the “kill” 🙂

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