Noodles with big prawns

Noodles with big prawns or prawn mee, I can’t decide really.

I was at Havelock road (Chinatown) and decided to have local noodles since my tumbly was rumbly. It did not take long before I settled for “prawn mee” with extra big prawns at a stall  which has photos of local celebrities patronized the stall in the past.

I was thinking it can’t be that bad since everyone is endorsing the stall and after a brief hand pointing at the picture menu, I waited with much anticipation.

Food and drink came, and I paid SGD4.

Was it good?

It was a fairly decent noodles. I wouldn’t call it prawn mee but noodles with big prawn.

I guess I can’t compare it with the prawn noodles I am used to, back in Malaysia, as different countries have their own way to cook food. 

As long as tastes good, I will be back for more 🙂


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