icing room

I don’t know whether it’s a new trend or just a fad but of late, there’s this cake shop (the Icing room) comes out with a novelty way to selling its cakes; the customers decorate their own cakes.

 I guess it works as whenever I pass by this cake shop, one can see throngs of people of sorts, eagerly decorate their cake, some serious about the task and some are playing along, not knowing how best to dress the cake.

For the person who came out with this idea, he / she earns my salute as it is really a cut cost measure as the cake shop doesn’t have to hire cake decorators. And what more, the amount of complaints reduced significantly as you can’t be possibly not liking your own artwork, can you? 

Be forewarned though; if you have the urge to create your own “David” , do come during non peak hour because it will be darn crowded as one will bring the whole village, to join in to be part-time decorators.


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