Tabac,  the aftershave from German

It’s cheap and it’s refreshing and whenever I smell this aftershave, it reminds me of secondary school time. Time when having pen-pals was the rage and we used aerogram to keep in touch with friends or penpals from overseas.

Sadly, over the years Tabac “changed” its aftershave ingredients and I stopped using it for a while. It didn’t smell the same anymore.

Not long, I couldn’t find Tabac on sale anymore.

Imagine my sheer delight when I came across Tabac’s aftershave (original!) at Raffles City.

I didn’t buy it but I opened up a bottle and took of whiff of its unmistakeable smell.

Smell of the 80’s period.


Do you have any particular smell which reminds you of certain things?

Tabac aftershave


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