thrifty lots

I was told Singaporeans would not spent more than SGD5 during meal times. Anything more than that amount, it’s a luxury or extravagant spending.

So, best way to beat the crowd during lunch or dinner time, is to go to those outlets whereby an average meal is in the range of SGD8 and above. But of course, there are Singaporeans who are spent more than SGD5; maybe they too are trying to beat the crowd?

I was having lunch with Celeste when I saw a group of young working people who were intending to play the “Gashapon” aka toy vending machine and that’s when the coins (SGD3) got stuck. No amount of twisting and manipulating of the “coin return” lever could do justice.

I had thought they were going to give up and walked away until I overheard one of them said,”wah lau eh..its SGD3..I can get lunch already leh…”.

What did they do? They asked one of the staff from a Udon stall to get a maintenance guy; which the staff did.

Maintenance guy came, borrowed a paring knife from the Udon stall, poked here and there..voila..out came a toy capsule.

Happy ending for all. Everyone started to grin and smile.

SGD3 not wasted.



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