ipoh ahboy to ipoh uncle?

It was 20 years ago when I studied in the UK, when I was in my early 20s. Full of vigour, energy and anticipation.

Fast forward to present..and I am seeing signs of the ageing process;

Hair line is receding, no more Aaron Kwok’s hair style

Washboard abdomen decides to hide behind layers of fat; eagerly waiting to re-emerge :p

Your chest becoming breast

Face elasticity is failing me; I am becoming Mr. Fantastic 4

Hair is graying and roots need re-touching every 2 weeks

Eats a little and you feel bloated

Gasping for oxygen right after you climb a flight of staircases.

Your pimple scars heal rather slowly (yes..I have the occasional outburst of pimples :))

You need caffeine to jumpstart your day

Oats and fenugreek seeds are your staple breakfast

And most irritating of all, youngsters address you as “UNCLE”!!!

p/s Should I change ipohahboy to ipohuncle?

Uncle Lim


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