Sony DSC-TX1

This is not a camera review.

Shin just bought a new camera, Sony DSC-TX1 wih 10.2 mp and I was allowed to meddle with it.

Since I do plan to get a new camera in due time, I went about trying all the functions which the camera has to offer.

The functions are pretty much the same, except that it is a touch screen camera and of course, its feature attraction is the sweep panoramic function.

One upgrade which I particularly like is the ease of use of its funtion / setting buttons; I do not have to come out from a “page” to locate a particular setting. With this camera, you can almost do everything pretty much on the same “page”

Do I like it?

Not too bad, I reckon but still I prefer Canon G11 or Panasonic GF1.

Lots of people say that, effectiveness of a picture composition does not depends on the camera type or brand, but the user of the camera.

True, maybe?


One thought on “Sony DSC-TX1

  1. yup, even the best camera is useless in the hands of someone who knows nothing about photography… i’ve seen ppl taking photos of fishes in aquariums with flash on lol

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