queueing outside Gucci store..

Last saturday’s headline- Singapore Millionaire Club fastest growing..

It says, if you were to bump into a stranger in Singapore, most likely the person is a millionaire (Singapore had the highest concentration of millionaires as in 2008, maybe due to its size).

One of the main factor is the increasing number of property owners reaping profits from en bloc sales. Just imagine, you would at least need to fork out at least SGD500K for a HDB flat..:p

I guess it came as no surprise at all when I saw people actually queueing outside a Gucci store (or perhaps, Gucci only allows a certain number of guests inside the store at any point of time) and my apology for not getting a photo of the queue as I didn’t want to look  like Ah Charn getting all excited with new sights and sounds 🙂


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