12,000 yen for an hour with silicon escort?

I was browsing through the net when I came across an interesting article about sex dolls.

In Japan, there’s a huge market for sex doll liasons and now there’s even sex doll brothels. At one such store, customers pay 12,ooo yen for an hour with their submissive silicone partner.

Guys at times, do bring along “special” costume, trinkets and the whole shebang; so that the men can fulfil whatever fantasies their girlfriends won’t.

To me, this rampant sex toy sharing do pose a serious health implications. You can only hope everyone’s else playing safe with the dolls- and I can’t even imagine how does the cleaner..err clean up the dolls :p

It’s amazing how these dolls are so real nowadays, though it’s silicone.


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