because of RM50..

“I quit and I am no longer a policewoman”..

That’s exactly what an ex policewoman (KL) shouted, when she decided to quit from the police force. She was so frustrated that she threw her uniform into the dustbin before she walked out.

Apparently her main frustration was, upon her promotion she gotten herself a mere increment of RM50 BUT her other allowances were discontinued! In her own words, her salary was higher before the so-called promotion.

Because of RM50, we have one less police personnel.

Being a Malaysian myself, I would very much want to see a drastic reduction in crime rates in Malaysia (recent report – an average of 10 rape cases daily!!) and the recent case of a taxi driver who raped school going girls for the past year, made me sick.

On a personal note, I do hope the welfare of the police force will be improved real soon..

because of RM50...


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