improved but much to improve

Again I was at Oldtown and this time it was at KLIA.

I noticed there’ a marked improvement as they have now screens everywhere, informing you when you order is ready.

As this is a self service restaurant, you would need to place order at the cashier, pay whatever is due and you will be given a table standee with a number.

Then you wait. Just like in a bank, you wait for your number to be announced across the screens and you proceed to the service counter and get your order. 

Now the problem (which they never seem bother to tackle) Lots of patrons to this outlet are not aware it is a self- service outlet. 

They don’t know where to place their orders. And they certainly do not know they have to wait for their numbers to be called!

I used to adopt “devil’s advocates” mentality whenever I was asked (when still in hotel line) to implement a certain project; meaning I think of all possible scenarios, complaints etc..and from there, fine tuning the procedures as we went along with the project on hand.

waiting for my order


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