oh shit! it’s actually.. shit


Don’t look at the picture if you are now eating or about to..(told you not to look, right?)

As mentioned in previous posting, I was at KLIA and being having good bowel movement,  I need to go pangsai before departure.

Given a choice, I would normally use those “squat” toilet instead of those “sit-down” toilet; less surface contact, less bacteria contamination. Furthermore there’s always a water hose as I prefer to use water to “hose down” before I wipe. Then “hose down” and wipe again. You know the drill lar..and I feel cleaner this way.

When I was done with my pangsai ,  I was about to reach for the water hose and at the edge of my right eye, I noticed brownish-like mud at the mouth/tip of the water hose.

I stopped in my track and took a closer look. F*&%#..

It’s S-H-I-T with a capital S.

Either the guy before me used the water hose to lubricate his asshole or he derived immense pleasure from loading his shit onto the water hose tip! I don’t want to think at all..in fact I had wanted to puke.

I thank my lucky star, really. If not, no amount of disinfectants or manicures can do justice.

Shit, it's S-H-I-T


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