excuse me, can you make it fast?

I must have waited for at least 10 minutes.

The girl in front  of me was fully aware of my not-so-friendly presence and  those behind me, were getting restless with her as well.

I was at KLIA early yesterday morning and with much time to kill, I decided to surf online as connection is provided free.

I queued behind this mid 20s year old girl (as other terminals’ queues were more than 1 surfer) thinking that I can make a quick surf. Heck no.

The girl logged onto Facebook, checking friends’ latest status, pictures etc and at one point, even wanted to chat  online with FB friends, checked Yahoo mail, logged onto MSN (thank god, there’s no one online!) , youtube and darn..she even checked her friends’ blogs! At one point, she even called out to her other friend to check out certain FB friend’s status and had girly laugh together (giggle..giggle..ohh the boy looks so handsome hor..aiyer..his girlfriend so fat lar.etc..giggle..giggle)

She kept looking back, knowing that herself was HOGGING the pc terminal, or maybe she thought that we were gazing at her derrier and feeling great about it! FAT CHANCE.

I reached my boiling point and I approached her and remarked, “excuse me, can you make it fast? and she replied , “OK”.

She logged off and walked off. All less than a minute. So easy.

I surfed for a minute, did what I wanted to do and logged off. The towering Mat Salleh at the back of me, actually gave me a thumb up!

I don’t feel proud as I hate confrontation but when others take it for granted, that pisses me off.

THE surfing gurrl



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