Hakka lui cha and 20 plus year old

I discovered a place for Hakka lui cha stall just across Leisure Mall and having a sudden urge for healthy eating, I decided to give it a second try.

The owner recoqnized me instantly and he swiftly whipped up a bowl of rice, topped by a kaleidoscope of vegetables and nut, of different shapes and sizes and colours.

Out of the blue, he asked, “do you want to try “sar kort lieu” a Ipoh delicacy and immediately my eyes beamed with childlike delight. I ordered 2 to try out. Not bad but not as good as those from Ipoh though.

Perhaps he was lonely and he striked up a conversation with me..as such

Boss: Where do you work?

Me: A hotel somewhere near here (too lazy to explain)

Boss: Ohh..hotel ABC arr?

Me: Yes (smiling)

Boss: Leng chai (handsome boy), how much for 2 hours arr?

Me: Don’t have 2 hours. 4 hours at RM80

Boss: Wahh..expensive worr..only to f#$% worr..need 4 hours meh?

Me: Lots of guests complained 2 hours not enough…(smiling again)

Boss: Aiyohh..what they do larr..count pubic hair arr?

Me: Hahaha  (nearly choked on my lui cha)

Boss: You look very young la..20 plus year old, right?

Me: Lou sai, I am already over 40 yearl old…(grinning now)

Boss: Wah..what you eat arr?

Me: Lou sai, how much ar?

If I dont stop the conversation, I will be trapped in a traffic jam as the sky threatened to pour cats and dogs.

Hakka lui cha and "sar kot lieu"


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