why don’t they wind down the window?

Now, I might be weird but I find it irritating when the driver in front of me, does not wind down the car window when approaching toll booth or entering a carpark, to get ticket.

I am quite fine with these drivers who would rather open the car door instead of winding down the window but MOST of the TIMES, they overshot their distance and they have to gostan (reverse) their cars and cars at the back have to inch backward slowly!

The only logical reason for this peculiar habit, I can think of is,  these drivers think that by winding the windows too many times, it will render the window’s motor mechanism kaput (faulty).

It is just as good as you don’t turn on the switch to operate a ceiling fan but you would rather tie a string to its blades and you turn the blades using your own “horsepower”.

Afterall, advancement of technology is to make our lives a little better, don’t you agree? 

p/s Just imagine every drivers start to open the door instead of winding down window at toll booth..


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